Ohio Justice & Policy Center

What our interns do:

OJPC is always seeking talented law students from law schools nationwide to join our internship program. We also consider undergraduate interns as space allows. Our 2021 summer program will run from May 24 through July 30. 

Summer interns will get hands-on legal practice through involvement in a wide variety of projects, including, but not limited to:

  • outreach legal clinics
  • client intake and interviewing
  • case investigation and brainstorming
  • legal research
  • correspondence and court-document drafting
  • court appearances for rising 3Ls with a student-practice certificate from the Ohio Supreme Court
  • other litigation support
  • collaborative work with community organizers
  • policy research and advocacy

To help interns be the best legal advocates they can be this summer and beyond, OJPC provides a thoughtful curriculum, sustained mentorship, and educational opportunities to our summer interns:

  • regular meetings with supervisor(s) to receive feedback and focus on serving our clients
  • training sessions on a variety of skills and topics, such as trauma-informed interviewing, racial equality, client relationships
  • visits to local jails and prisons
  • working directly with clients
  • attending court hearings
  • networking opportunities with attorneys, judges, prosecutors, politicians
  • optional enrichment opportunities, such as Trial Bootcamp, a series of hands-on sessions taught by experienced litigators in which participants help develop an actual case for trial 

Our internships are unpaid. However, we will readily assist in any application for funding or externship credit to support our students’ work during the summer.

OJPC intern reflection: https://www.ohiojpc.org/why-fight-the-symptoms-of-mass-incarceration/

OJPC intern reflection: https://www.ohiojpc.org/empathy-isnt-simple-walking-someones-shoes/

What we’re looking for in our interns:

In our review of written internship application materials and interviews, we will be looking for concrete examples of where an applicant has demonstrated these six qualities:

Resourcefulness – creativity in finding information and resources to complete a project; ability to apply diverse background, experience, and expertise in new settings.

Productive work relationship with mentors/supervisors – willingness to ask questions to get clarity on scope and substance of assigned projects; ability to carry projects forward without constant checking in, but knowledge of when to check in about a significant issue or question; focus on detail.

Excellent time and priority management – strength in handling diverse, competing projects and expectations; ability to prioritize must-do projects and renegotiate other deadlines as needed; knowledge of limitations in accepting too much work.

Solid research and writing skills – aptitude in clear, thorough research and reasoning in writing samples; knack for storytelling and issue framing.

Interpersonal skills – capability of working effectively with a team; ability to put others at ease while inspiring them to do their best; sense of humor; hunger to learn and grow.

Compassion for the marginalized, passion for OJPC’s mission – ability to stretch oneself to serve people who are looked down upon, even despised, by others; willingness to risk disfavor to do what one feels is morally right.

Equal opportunity

OJPC is an equal opportunity employer. People from historically disadvantaged groups — including those based on race, ethnicity, religion, disability, veteran status, gender, or sexual orientation — are strongly encouraged to apply.

To apply:

OJPC is no longer accepting applications for the 2021 summer internship. However, internship opportunities can exist throughout the school year for qualified applicants.

For more information, contact:

Alicia Miller

Second Chance Lead Attorney and Internship Coordinator

Email Alicia