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Forthcoming series of reports to examine death penalty in Ohio

The Ohio Justice & Policy Center will release a series of reports to examine why it is time to end the death penalty in Ohio, and how we can repeal it this legislative session. These forthcoming death penalty reports are timely for several reasons: First, the public opinion polling has dramatically shifted and we want […]

NEWS RELEASE: Bipartisan death penalty repeal bill introduced in Ohio

COLUMBUS, OH—State Senators Stephen Huffman (R-Tipp City) and Nickie J. Antonio (D-Lakewood) announced a bipartisan death penalty repeal bill Thursday morning during a virtual press conference. The Senators were joined by several colleagues from both the House and Senate including Senator Kristina Roegner (R-Hudson), Senator Niraj Antani (R-Miami Township), Senator Sandra Williams (D-Cleveland), Representative Adam […]

From Child Sex Trafficking Victim to Capital Offender

How Lisa Montgomery Entered the Cycle of Violence By: Verjine Adanalian, OJPC staff attorney It is understandably uncomfortable to learn that sex trafficking can (and does) occur in our very own backyards. What is especially difficult to accept is how much sex trafficking involves children—and that victimization can take many forms. Child sex trafficking victims […]

Ohio Lame Duck session: How you can help right now

Contact Kevin Werner for information on any bills or if you would like to testify in favor one of these bills: kwerner@ohiojpc.org, 513-421-1108 x 14, @itskevinwerner

Where Are They Now? Former OJPC intern Ben Ranz

I spent the summer of 2019 as an OJPC intern after my first year of law school. OJPC had been on my radar even before law school began. I was drawn to their commitment to not only address one-on-one client issues, but also to make large-scale systemic policy changes to prevent future client issues from […]

Record Sealing in Ohio: FAQs

Disclaimer: This FAQ is a general source of information and is not a substitute for individualized legal advice. For specific questions, we recommend consulting an attorney. You are always welcome to contact the Ohio Justice & Policy Center’s Second Chance Team at secondchance@ohiojpc.org.

Legislative Update: SB3 passes the Senate, HB1 should be next

On June 30, the Senate passed SB3 by a 25-4 vote. This is a bill that primarily focuses on drug resentencing, but it also expands record sealing in ways that will help many OJPC clients who face barriers to employment, housing, and education due to their criminal records. The bill is one of two major […]

Protests and the Pandemic: Recommendations for a more equitable Cincinnati

On June 4, after more than a week of protests across the United States and almost three months into a global pandemic, The Ohio Justice & Policy Center and the Cincinnati Black United Front released a list of eight recommendations. These are concrete ways for law enforcement, prosecutors, courts, and local governments to respond to […]

How OJPC is trying to free at-risk prisoners during the coronavirus pandemic

By: Lily Meyer The lawyers and staff of the Ohio Justice & Policy Center were concerned about Ohio prisoners’ health long before the coronavirus pandemic began. OJPC’s flagship Human Rights in Prison program advocates for adequate access to health care for all incarcerated Ohioans. Before this March, fighting for prisoners’ medical rights meant advocating and […]

Welcome Home, Alexis

When Alexis Ke’Erica Martin walked out of prison, she was overjoyed – and so were many others. Her step into the prison parking lot marked a major step toward true freedom, after a life of human trafficking and incarceration. Alexis was ready for the next chapter of her life. “Ke” (short for Ke’Erica), as she […]