Community education

We offer training for legal professionals and community members

OJPC offers training for a range of groups and individuals — from lawyers, judges and law enforcement to members of the community who are directly impacted by the criminal legal system. Topics range from trauma-informed care to explanations of the cash bail system. OJPC’s trainings will occasionally count for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit for lawyers.

Constitutional Litigation Clinic

Through the clinic, law students gain hands-on experience litigating civil rights cases. Our clinic has helped students carry legal advocacy into their future as lawyers, lawmakers, and leaders, and it provides much-needed assistance for clients.

Summer internships

Each summer, talented law and undergraduate students receive training and guidance through OJPC’s summer internship program.

Resource center

OJPC produces a range of informational guides to policy, law, and other issues related to the criminal justice system. Find our work here, along with external resources that can guide justice system learning.