Human Rights in Prison

Regardless of their past, every person incarcerated in Ohio’s prisons deserves dignity and human rights. This includes access to adequate medical care, freedom from excessive force by prison staff, the right to practice one’s religion, and fair treatment for LGBT prisoners.

Human Rights in Prison is OJPC’s flagship project. It encompasses the principles on which our organization was founded. It also guides our work in and with the Ohio legislature, wherein we have opportunities to advocate for the abolition of inhumane practices — from shackling pregnant prisonersto capital punishment.


  • Incarcerated in Ohio Prison
  • Incarcerated individual has exhausted all internal grievance processes*
  • Incarcerated individual has records (written reports, pictures, videos, etc.) to prove their experience

*In order for OJPC to investigate your case, you must exhaust all internal grievance processes within the ODRC institution (ODRC procedures attached here). Once you have appealed your grievance to the Chief Inspector and have received a decision, we will then be able to move on with our investigation.


  • The incarcerated individual must submit an application to Human Rights in Prison. We do not accept applications from third parties or family members.

If you believe your loved one qualifies for Human Rights in Prison, but you do not have access to a printer, please email our HRIP email with your loved one’s name, ODRC #, and institution. OJPC will mail one application to the incarcerated individual.

  • Submitting an application to Human Rights in Prison does NOT mean your loved one’s application has been accepted.
  • Our team will assess each case and determine any next steps. We currently have limited capacity so it will take some time for our staff to investigate these inquiries. If an individual needs immediate legal assistance, please contact your local public defender office or yourlocal bar association.

You can contact our team via email at, call 513-421-1108 x 94, or mail us at 215 E 9th Street Suite #601, Cincinnati, OH 45202