Overcoming the barriers of criminal records

The Second Chance Project works to expand the freedom of people with criminal records and empower them to positively participate in their communities to break generational cycles of poverty.

With the rapidly expanding use of background checks, people are routinely excluded and disadvantaged because of their criminal records, causing financial instability or risk of homelessness, thereby stunting future progress indefinitely.

People with criminal records face unprecedented, lifelong barriers to:
• Obtaining and retaining employment;
• Finding safe, stable housing;
• Pursuing an education;
• Acquiring professional licensing; and
• Volunteering at schools or charities.

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The Second Chance Project provides free, direct legal services, expertise, and resources for:

  1. Record sealing or expungement. See PDF Here.
  2. Safe Harbor expungement for survivors of human trafficking
  3. A Certificate of Qualification for Employment (CQE)
  4. Governor DeWine’s Expedited Pardon Project
  5. Housing-related legal needs
    1. Rental Admission Restrictions. See PDF here.
    2. Lease Restrictions. See PDF here.
    3. Housing Discrimination. See PDF here.